Natural Balanced Therapies


Tracey, your acupuncture techniques are second to none. You've done what no one else could achieve - you fixed me.



The 'massage' hurts, but works. I'v recommended Tracey to everyone who will listen.

B, Tywyn


I'd never had acupuncture before and didn't know what to expect. Tracey was calming, efficient and had me needled up

before I knew what was happening! It hardly hurt at all, just a bit of a pinching feeling. The acupuncture has helped me a lot, I sleep better, I feel happier and that foggy feeling in my brain has disappeared. I even lost some weight! Worth the money.

Margaret, Mold




Tracey has change my life! I love her! Amazing lady, very understanding, patient and full of empathy and care for her clients. I have Fibromyalgia and Migraine, up to 25 per month before the herbs! The herbs have cured my hot flushes, my Raynauds, my IBS, nearly eliminated my sinus problems and post nasal drip and my insomnia! I feel so much better,my quality of life has significantly improved as my overall health is now improving too, I have more energy and my immune system is stronger! I can't thank her enough for changing my life... After 13 plus years of suffering I finally see that I may one day be healthy! Thank you Tracey, you are wonderful xxxxx

Jade, Bristol



I visited Tracey on an occasion where I needed some TLC. We spent hrs together at the conseltaion i was very interested to here and meet Tracey and would highly recommend her Knowledge as a Herbalist and a Healer,her Energy is full of love for healing and has a fine expierience at her work.You are beautiful, you do come with a very high recommendation Tracey your magical.

You have a beautiful sense of touch beyond words,your a Lady with Love.




I booked Tracey for a  Reiki session about a month ago. What she did for me was  mind blowing!  I was going through a  rough patch  mentally and the session I had with her helped  immensely. She helped put everything in place and the relief/release was instant and has been ongoing.

Steve, Manchester



Our daughter had severe widespread eczema from infancy and when she was 5 years old we had the opportunity to take her to see Tracey for Herbal treatment. And due to this she is now completely eczema free.

Alison, Tywyn



Tracey combines passion, knowledge and intuition in her practice. Her integrity is evident as soon as you start working with her. My health took a quantum leap after our session as a direct result of Traceys insight and prescription. Highly recommended

Emma Patricio, Meta-Health Practitioner.



Thank you so much for the 'cough syrup', it has really helped! All the very best with the clinic.

M, Dolgellau



The most competent massage I've ever had, and I've had considerable experience of massages through my life!!

John, France



The herbs Tracey treated me with were very effective and cleared up my upper respiratory problems thoroughly and quickly. I'd use her again.

Cynthia, Llanelltyd